What Your Parking Lot Says About Your Business

What Your Parking Lot Says About Your Business

The curb appeal of your business property is a key part of your company’s success. Curb appeal is the outside quality of your property: your building, grounds, walkways, and parking lot. The parking lot is the first thing your clients will see when they arrive, which means its look will set the tone for their visit. Learn further, as we look at what your parking lot says about your business.

Shows if You Care About Having a Good Image

The image of your business is vital to your growth and success. Many facets of running a business can impact your image. A lot of business owners and property managers fail to realize something as simple as the state of their facility’s parking lot can affect their brand. It’s crucial that you cover the basic, necessary details—especially when you’re a new company. If you have customers or clients arriving to a parking lot full of potholes and broken concrete with weeds growing amok, they’re less likely to take you seriously. They’ll spread the word, damaging and decreasing your reputation. You don’t want to be known around town as the company with the terrible parking lot.

Creates the First Impression of Your Business

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to doing business. If the first thing clients see when they arrive are busted up asphalt, faded lines, potholes, and cracks, they might go in to meet you with a negative impression already in their minds. They’ll assume you don’t take your business seriously, that it’s not doing well, or you don’t value maintaining a professional image. Having a parking area that’s completely intact with a fresh look will get your clients feeling like they’re about to meet a professional. When speaking with you, they’ll respect you, value meeting you, and be more receptive of your conversation together.

It Says if You Value Safety

How much you value safety can be a huge part of what your parking lot says about your business. Business owners typically think of concerns like building security, surveillance cameras, and employee safety. One of the less common details of safety many owners forget is the state of their parking lot. Crumbling parking lots aren’t just unattractive—they’re dangerous. Potholes and cracked asphalt can cause damage to the wheels of clients’ cars or lead to accidents. You want your clientele to see you care about their safety upon their visit. If any of the mentioned hazards appear, make repairs immediately. Keeping the area clean of trash and debris also helps the asphalt stay in better shape, preventing deterioration.

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